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Educate yourself for the future with education tools of the future

Wherever you’re going on your entrepreneurial journey, we’re here to help you develop your idea to get you there.


Global Leadership Approach

We know that to create truly great graduates, we must do more than get them ready for their careers; we must get them ready for the world.

Innovative Learning

We know that you need the right mindset and the ability to reflect on you big idea. This is where creativity and problem solving collide.

World-class Teachers

We have brought together two very distinguished and talented Teachers to guide you through the process of starting your business.

What is the Periodic Table of Innovation?

It’s true that innovation changes our world and makes it a better world… in more ways than we realise! Practical Innovation gives you the tools and resources to help you bring your business or organizational idea to life as you start looking at the way you do things differently.

By using the Periodic Table of Innovation we can help you solve problems within a proven business framework. Enabling more substantive results to come about. Your passion for the big idea is the foundation, enabling your ideas to create ripples – with persistence they will turn into waves!


Ok, now let's get practical!

If you want to turn a big idea into a business or to elevate your current organisation, you are well on your way to being an Innovator. Whether it’s an idea that you’ve had in the shower or a brainchild you’ve been simmering on for years, it’s time to turn it into reality.

Have you tested to see if there is a gap in the market?
Have you checked to see if it’s viable?
Do you know if you can make money from it?
Do you know where to start?
Do you know how to fund it?

"Business has only two functions — marketing and innovation. Marketing and Innovation produce results. All the rest are costs."
- Dr. Peter Drucker

Join Our Programme

Do you dare to dream about turning your business or organisational idea into a success? Globally over 550,000 people jump into the business idea pool each month. Many more want to create change in their organization. Some just test the water; others go boots and all. There are those that sink, some that swim, and the lucky few who hit the jackpot the first time.

Join the Practical Innovation Program. It covers-
– 12 complete modules
– Get focused with a deadline
– Gain an Innovative Mindset
– Match with a mentor
– Pitch your idea

"Results are gained by exploiting opportunities, not by solving problems."
- Dr. Peter Drucker

Practical Innovation is here to help you

A proven process with expert training

If you’re not innovating, your business will die. Developing and evaluating your ideas requires clarity, vision, and support. Without a roadmap or guidance, you can be left wondering where to start. We’ve created 12 steps designed for you. Learn how to use experts to help build your confidence and uncover your genius, backed by solid fundamentals.

Cure the uncertainty with a motivated community

Our approach attracts motivated people who aren’t just looking for a button to push. From start-up to seasoned, we have programs, courses, and experiences that will transform individuals and businesses to meet the innovative demands of a rapidly changing world. You don’t have to do it alone!

Masterclass sessions and expert mentoring

Team up with a mentor and get guidance from experts who’ve learned from their own successes (and failures!) and who knows how to help you. Join interactive screen-sharing calls with other participants to help model, learn from, and get inspiration. Help is at hand to guide you through the 12 steps – taking your great idea and turning it into a great outcome.

Upgrade your results with self sabotage solutions

The terror barrier comes up during implementation. You take three steps forward and two steps back. Get a proven process to end self sabotage as you build your business idea to take you from the knowing better, to doing better. Overwhelmed with paralysis by analysis? Learn the Innovative Mindset needed to end self sabotage.


Don’t take our word for it, this is what our graduates say

Shara Quinn

Taking Practical Innovation completely changed the way we went about building our business. It helped us put together all of the pieces of the puzzle at a time when we needed it the most. Working through the 12 Modules and having our weekly calls allowed us to get the support and advice we needed. I especially enjoyed the opportunity to present to the Dragon’s Den. We grew my idea and as a result were so much better prepared - we then went on to win $15K in the AUT X-Challenge!

Myles Mclachlan

If you want to embrace some bravery and do something different and think about things in a different way and put yourself out there, then go for it! I’m so grateful for the wisdom, the stories and the advice I gained from doing this Course. It helped me to think differently about the direction I want to take my business and how we can grow.

Nora Jeaneé Stewart

The Periodic Table of Innovation was so awesome. I literally had no idea the steps to go through in order to make your business and setting it up in the first place. It was so valuable having Catherine and Hutch going through the whole process with us. I know SO much more about building my business now!

Hari Julka

I wanted to try this for myself after seeing other people using it already to build businesses and to do their entrepreneurship journeys. It was so valuable having the support from people who had built businesses before.

Allie Gill

Really excited to have had a chance to formulate my business idea and learn how to take it to market. It was awesome having the focus each week to develop my idea. I have a plan and a strategy and I’m ready to go!

Emily Sherrif

It was a really practical, really focused and well-presented course and it seemed like a no-brainer when I saw it. I’m so glad I did! After going through the Course, I actually chose not to launch my business - but that was more valuable than anything to me. Rather than spending a fortune on setting up something that I discovered wasn’t viable, I came out of it with my dignity intact and my eyes wide open - and probably saved myself $150K in the process!”

    Stay in the know

    You’ll get regular inspiration and updates including first dibs on events, scholarship opportunities, giveaways and other ways to keep your innovation muscles flexed!